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The Scoop is one of the most versatile Couple Bedroom Adventure Shapes.

Tilt it, tip it, dip it, flip it – make erotic encounters anything but predictable. Then there’s the sensitive side of the Scoop. A comfortable, graceful curve that elongates and supports the spine for slow, tender moments.


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What does a man really need & want?
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We’ll share with you everything we know about his erogenous zones, the joys & merits oral play, prostate pleasures & toys designed specially for him! In this enjoyable session, our Intimate Facilitators will share with you the hottest bedroom tips & tricks. Not forgetting: how to look and be your sexiest, always.  

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How To Please Your Man Ladies-Only Workshop


Date: 13th June 2010
Time: 2pm – 3.30 pm (incl. 1/2 hour Personal Shopping Experience)
Venue: Mr & Mrs Smith Loving Day (level 2)
Price: $35 per pax                                                                                                                                                  

What should I prepare: Nothing! Let your hair down, be spontaneous & get ready to enjoy our exciting event! 

What can I expect: Fun, fun and MORE fun! And a complimentary Mr & Mrs Smith goodie bag, of course.  Leave the session a sexually confident woman whom no man can resist. ;)


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What can SUPERHERO do for me? How can it boost my bedroom performance?

With its unique blend of herbs, RockHard Weekend gives you greater blood flow to the genitals, increased stamina and enhanced arousal. Which means that you could enjoy prolonged intimate moments and more intense climaxes!

Not only does RockHard Weekend increase your bedroom satisfaction, its herbal ingredients also support  general male health & vitality. 



 I have no problems like erectile dysfunction and am happy with my sex life. Why do I need SUPERHERO?

Unlike prescription drugs like Viagra, SUPERHERO does not specifically treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s – whether you want to impress your lover, add an extra boost to your current performance, or want to gain back your confidence, SUPERHERO is the male supplement that no man should miss out!


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 All the glitz, glamour, and of course, PLEASURE. Who can forget the Rabbit Vibrator that Charlotte simply couldn’t resist and couldn’t get enough of? We celebrate women this week with the quitessential pet, the ultimate Goddess of FEMALE PLEASURE:


From 7 to 13 June ONLY

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Ultimate Decadent Bunny

WHY a Rabbit?

  1. Simultaneous external (clitoral) & internal (vaginal) stimulation that would drive any lady CRAZY.
  2. Not just for ladies, contrary to popular belief. Be creative, and indulge your fantasies with him! Let your bunny go wild and roam about any part of your or his body – run it along your neck, nipples, stomach and inner thighs to explore all erotic possibilities. 
  3. Good practice tool to hone your riding, gyrating & blowing skills.
  4. Also for Backdoor exploration , which can be especially pleasurable for men. Use the shaft anally to stimulate his P-Spot (prostate) and position the bunny ears over the perineum – and watch him enjoy!
  5. Enhanced stimulation with rotating pearls/beads, and twirling shaft!


Embrace your new best pet.

Explore a whole new world of sensations and experience bursts of orgasmic joy! 

Regardless of which area of her body is being touched & felt, her body physically reacts in the same way. During an orgasm, she feels:

  • Stimulation in her clitoris;
  • Her heart rate, blood pressure & breathing increase;
  • Muscles contract throughout her body, especially in the vagina;
  • Tension is released upon orgasm.


  • The first & most important thing you need to know: Sex starts with the brain. Get turned on! Explore and uncover your sexiest fantasies. Read erotic fiction, watch suggestive films & let your imagination run really, really WILD… 
  • Lend yourself a HAND. Explore & caress your erogenous zones with your fingers and hands, and pay close attention to what feels good. Although there are many female masturbation techniques, most women learn to orgasm by manually stimulating the clitoris, THE pleasure button. Roll your clitoris under your fingers and try different pressure and rhythm.
  • Let yourself go. Don’t be afraid to move, groove, rock, grunt, scream, and cry during intimate moments. You want total release, so let loose and be silly! Be crazy! Be loud!


Add new, exciting perspectives to your solitary moments. Never stop having fun!

When you are more comfortable and ready for MORE…..

Add a vibrator. Whether you are already comfortable with your hands, have a favourite masturbation technique or you can’t get over the top, try adding a clit vibrator for a change. You may be surprised at how quickly you can come or how intense the orgasm can be. You can also experiment with G-spot vibrators and butt toys if you like.

Not sure what and how to choose? Join us in our Pleasure Toys 101 Workshop – only for LADIES!

Call us at 64661969/68 from 12 to 10 pm to enquire about the next available session. Grab a few of your favourite girlfriends for a wacky Girls’ Night Out @ Mr & Mrs Smith The Couple Store!

Female body in photography

No matter what they say, it’s a fact that females masturbate almost as much as men do. Though women’s urgency to masturbate is not necessarily as strong as men’s, they certainly experience periods of heightened sexual arousal, particularly during puberty. Ladies tend to experience emotional arousal on top of physical arousal, so fantasies, environment & mood all play a huge part in the enjoyment of female masturbation.

Because women’s genitals are more hidden than men’s, and because women are typically taught to be ashamed or embarrassed of them, many women don’t learn until they are older that female masturbation is a healthy and sexually liberating part of any woman’s sex life. It’s an ideal way to learn about your body’s sexual responses, so that you can become more sexually confident and a better lover.


Is Masturbation any good for me?

It can do much more for you than you imagine. Besides the undeniable fact that masturbation gives you pleasure, regular masturbation can:

1.      Help you relax. Many women report sleeping better and feeling calmer after each session. You will also feel energized and more focused, though this may also result from having a good night’s sleep after masturbation.

2.      Relieve you of pre-menstrual/menstrual discomforts. Self-pleasure & orgasm leads to the production of estrogen, which in turn saves you from womanly pains.

3.      Help you learn & understand your sexual preferences. Which means: more confidence of your body & in the bedroom, improved intimate communication with your partner – and extraordinary lovemaking!

4.      Lift performance anxiety off your partner. if your partner is aware that you masturbate, they generally feel less pressured to give you orgasms. Taking pressure off your partner will generally result in better performance from the during lovemaking.

5.      Let you explore the unexplored. Solo sessions allow you to be less inhibited than you would with a partner. This allows you to explore parts of your sexuality that may be taboo to your partner or embarrassing to you. Because you can go at your own pace, you won’t feel pressured to have an orgasm before your partner does. 


Now that I know I should do it, HOW do I do it?

Visit us on Friday to find out MORE!

Needless to say, the genitals are made up of a great amount of sexually responsive tissues. Licking, stroking, rubbing and kissing of the genital area (esp. clitoris and vulva) are among the most stimulating sexual experiences for most women!

The Mons & Labia Lips

The MONS? You may be unfamiliar with this word, but it’s time to befriend it! The mons are the sensitive area above the genitals were the pubic hairs grows.



Any movement of the mons pubis transmits sensation to the rest of the genital area. Excite & please her by caressing the hair area or gently touching it. Grasp it or rest the heel of your hand on it while using the fingers on the labia; or cup the whole area (labia and mons pubis) in your palm and fingers. 



Did you know? The clitoris has the same number of nerve endings as the penis!  The clitoris can be stimulated by using the tongue, the finger or, for the multi-talented Joe, both simultaneously. Some women like to guide their lovers as to the specific amount of pressure they enjoy.


However, few women enjoy excessive clitoral emphasis at the start of foreplay. Focus on other erogenous zones first. Experiment with positions to ensure that clitoral stimulation is optimum during intercourse.

Take care not to over-stimulate the highly sensitive clitoris – it may make the sensation “annoying” instead! 


In the vagina, the G-spot may be a little difficult to locate, but some women find the search very worthwhile. The G-spot is a bean-shaped tissue located about one, two or even three inches up her vaginal wall. There’s no one standard location because it varies from one woman to the next.

Insert one or two fingers into the woman’s vagina. Once your finger is about a couple of inches within the vaginal opening, you can make a crooked motion with your finger which is pointing towards her belly button. Press down on the g spot each time your fingers pass back over it, and ask your partner to describe the pace at which she enjoys this motion the most.





Ladies, now that you know your pleasure zones inside out, its time to get truly acquainted with them. Look out for the next post on Tuesday, to learn more about self-pleasure!